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HyperAutomation Ready

Unleash the Automation Potential

Reduce redundancy and repetitive work and improve the quality and speed of your business operations through Hyperautomation

Jump fast on the artificial intelligence and robotics bandwagon and mix technologies to automate parts or entire processes within your company.

To stay relevant and gain a competitive edge, many leading companies today use complex environments, including legacy systems and next generation applications, micro-containers, micro-services and custom interfaces.

To keep their competitive position, organizations are looking for ways to minimize manual efforts, while keeping the pace with services digitization.

We enable hyperautomation based on AI and intelligent automation, robots and quality software engineering.

One size does not fit all

Integrating various systems already in place, Intelligent Automation orchestrates users, their tasks and RPAs to reduce and then eliminate redundancy, duplicate and simplify the workflows.

We don’t believe in silver bullet solutions, so we integrate data analytics with AI and our cross-industry expertise to help our clients achieve success with their automation initiatives.

“Hyperautomation often results in the creation of a digital twin of the organization”

Gartner acknowledges Hyperautomation as a strong trend offering some great and fast benefits including:

  • Discovery and prioritization of areas and processes to automate
  • Cost-efficiency and reduction of the total cost of automation
  • More precise advanced analytics
  • Shadow IT elimination
  • Better AI and ML implementation within the organization
  • Ability to measure automation impact on digital business transformation
  • Improved consistency and alignment between IT and business, etc.

Custom Hyperautomation solutions to take your business to the next technology level


Process mining

Task mining

Process analytics


Payment engines

Digital payment gateways

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)


PaaS/iPaaS Workload automation:
· Intelligent business process management
· Decision management
· Business rules and policies management


Machine learning (ML)

Deep learning (DL)

Computer Vision (CV)

Natural language processing (NLP)

Optic character recognition (OCR)

Voice technology

Leverage Hyperautomation platform for faster, scalable & secure business automation


Machine learning

Ready AI-based bots

Enterprise conversational AI solutions

Data integration



Big data connector



Mainframe automation

UI automation


API integration

IT process automation

Vertical bots

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