R&D Embedded

Accelerate Innovation through External R&D

Whether you're looking to jump fast on the newest technologies bandwagon in a cost-effective way, build a PoC project or experiment with innovative tools and cutting-edge tech – rinf.tech has its own R&D for Embedded development and IoT to help you reach your goals successfully and gain a strong competitive edge.

R&D Capabilities

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Virtualization & Cloud Technologies
  • Smart Conf Room – Sentiment Analysis
  • IoT Devices & Protocols
  • Wireless Modules
  • BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Device Efficiency
  • Secured Connectivity
  • ARM processors
  • Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • Modified kernels for Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)
  • Long and Short Range Connectivity
  • M2M Applications
  • NBIoT
  • LTE
  • UMTS
  • GSM
  • LoRaWan
  • Docker, Kubernetes, MicroServices, FaaS, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, OpenVINO, OpenCV, CUDA, AR Core, AR Kit, Vuforia
  • Unity, WebGL
  • Sensors, Actuators

Check out the interview with Bogdan Popescu, our R&D Technical Director

A robotic arm's digital twin developed in our R&D as a proof-of-concept project

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