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R&D for Embedded Development and IoT

Top-notch custom embedded solutions for retail, manufacturing, Industry 4.0/5.0, supply chain and logistics, transportation and delivery and other industries

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Our R&D Embedded Center delivers high-complexity solutions for the embedded industry. Many businesses across multiple domains leverage our R&D to build their projects at a fraction of their costs while experimenting with the newest tech and keeping the quality at the highest levels.

Our R&D teams have mastered cutting-edge technologies in Embedded, IoT, AI, VR/MR and Cloud development and are committed to developing projects across an entire SDLC, from idea to architecture to full-fledged product implementation.

Synergies between’s Business Units allow for a shared knowledge base across an entire Tech Team, undertaking complex integration projects, and creating value propositions that span across multiple tech stacks, methodologies, and practices. It all eventually translates into successful R&D project delivery.

Why develop your R&D project with

600+ Mid/Senior Software Engineers

ISO Certifications

18 years of delivering complex embedded solutions

Technology partnerships with Intel, NXP and other leading companies

How you can benefit from our R&D Embedded


Discovery & analysis​

Ideation & Problem-solving sessions​

Requirement gathering​

PoT, PoC, Demo​

Targeted workshops/working sessions​

Solution architecture & design​

Implementation roadmaps & project planning​

Enablement & Skills transfer​

Project incubation


Team extension​

Managed teams​

Product/Solution development outsourcing​

Project rescue ​

Code review on demand​

Delivery management on demand​

Managed Services

Application management​

Infrastructure management​

Support & maintenance​

Risk & compliance assurance​

Cost optimization​

Security assurance​


Our R&D Competencies

Embedded & IoT

Bare metal embedded development & testing​

Linux embedded development & testing​


MCUs SDK development​

Driver development​

Sensor integration (e.g. temperature, humidity, acceleration, GPS)​

Integration with IoT hubs (Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS)

Test automation frameworks​

Technology Stack
C, C++, Python, Java,​ SWIG, MQTT, AMQP, SigFox, NB-IoT​

Hardware/Software Integration

Development of HMIs for HW monitoring & control

Development of APIs/DLLs for HW integration into production lines

Development of software stacks for communications protocols (e.g. CAN, CANOpen, J1939)​

Integrations with HW, PLC,​ embedded devices

Technology stack
C++, .NET, WPF, UWP, python, ModBus, Angular, Akka, OPC/UA, MQTT​

AR/MR & Cutting Edge Tech​

Contributions to OpenCV & Intel OpenVINO toolkit​

C/C++ implementations of ML algorithms based on official papers​

AR/VR based on Hololens​

ARKit, ARCore​

Digital twin industrial applications

Technology stack
Python, C/C++, TensorFLow, Caffe, MxNet, Intel tools. Unity, Vuforia, ARCore, ARKit​

Cloud & Virtualization

Development/customizations of private/hybrid clouds platforms​

Development of cloud frameworks for workload performance measurements

Integrations with public clouds: Google, AWS, Azure​

Infrastructure optimizations based on dedicated HW (e.g. Intel Optane, Intel RDT)

Technology stack
Python, GoLang, KVM, QEMU, Kubernetes, Fission, KVM, Docker, Firecracker, ELK stack, sysmon, emon, sar, Intel Optane, Intel RDT​

Extensive Technical Capabilities

core technologies and focus areas

Check out the interview with Bogdan Popescu, our R&D Technical Director

A robotic arm's digital twin developed in our R&D as a proof-of-concept project

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