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Telematics Advancements

Sitting at the core of the fully connected car, telematics is one of the pillars that besides V2X services (connection to the environment) and IVI (connection to the driver) provides the connection to the Cloud in order to service the self driving cars of the near future.

By 2025 more than 3 quarters of new cars sold will have a means of connection to the outside world and will greatly benefit from the advancements in technology putting to work the latest trends in the field:

  • Cloud and IoT infrastructure and services (Fleet Management, Mobility-as-a-Service, Supervised Automated Driving and Electric Vehicle Charging, Over the Air Updates)
  • AI (Processing Huge Amounts of collected data, assessing driver and car behavior, smart navigation and route planning)
  • 5G (huge leap and data speed and capacity)



Data security is a center challenge for telematics and connectivity in general. Cybersecurity standards are being aligned in the automotive world from the low level chip features to he higher level software components and means of implementing a safe software. Capabilities


  • Cybersecurity configuration in HW layer (HSM) and SW layer (AUTOSAR crypto stack)
  • Public key infrastructure for charging stations
  • IoT – Cloud support for fleet management and MaaS
  • BLE keyless access

In 2022, we at conducted our own Study on Cybersecurity in Automotive. Check out its results here.

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