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How we do it

We have a way to move at the same pace and rhythm with our clients:
OEMs, Tier1s, Technology Architects, Global Marketplaces and Product Builders.

Focus on Quality

Our Quality Governance is based on a double funnel organizational structure.
This enables the binomial operational processes and allows alignment between:

Balanced HR Business Partners with Account Management (Client Engagement)

Continuous and automated quality assurance and testing of client-tailored solutions

Operational Efficiency between Commercial and Technical Delivery Areas

Our Certificates

At, we balance Product Quality with the quest for relevance and embed quality and security in everything we design, build, and deliver.

To ensure quality and compliance, we’ve obtained critical certifications and accreditations confirming the maturity of our processes and approaches.

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Get the most out of your IT budget

The Delivery Models we employ provide transparency and control, and feature a best-in-class approach to optimize cost and time for each custom software development project.

Choose one of our 9 Delivery Models or a mix of different models to build a solution in a way that matches your organization’s setup, budget, and overall strategy.

From Dedicated and Managed Software Teams to R&D proof-of-concept projects to turnkey outcome-based solutions delivery – find and leverage the right engagement model for your project development depending on its complexity and robustness, user needs and expectations, timeline, engineering talent availability, and other factors. Either retain maximum project management and solution delivery control or let specialists take care of your software development function while focusing on your core competencies.

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We employ the most up-to-date, advanced, and proven software engineering and QA methodologies to ensure your custom solution is developed with fast time-to-market, the highest-ever level of cybersecurity, current and future industry trends, and efficient cost optimization strategies.

From Agile and SCRUM all the way through to V-model and Design Thinking – choose one or several that allow for flexibility, scalability, and sustainability of your software development endeavor.

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Consultancy & Research

At, we have four main Business Divisions: R&D, Robotics, Business Applications, and Automotive.

Each Division Manager acts as a designated catalyst to fuel the solution emerging process. They steer the delivery as an instrument to progressively uncover the evolving need at the clients’ end and help them increase the top line and improve bottom-line savings through innovation and automation, cloud costs optimization, better customer loyalty and more.

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Industries & Cases

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