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Digital Twin Development

Increase business efficiency with custom digital twins

Benefit from digital twin technology – one of the recent greatest innovations in product development and evolution .

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system. Think of it as a simulation of a real physical product with identical structure, behavior, features, and other characteristics. To build digital twins, you need to harness the power of AI, AR/VR, IoT, and data science. We invite you to leverage our robust R&D Center and seasoned software engineering talents to benefit from the convergence of the above technologies.

Digital twins are designed to better understand and analyze the performance of existing products/systems, find gaps and solutions for improvements, and test possible product or system changes without any risks.

Digital Twin Benefits

Product vizualization

Visualize your products & the connections between them to better understand enterprise processes.

Highly precise advanced analytics

Get detailed real-time data about physical objects collected by sensors.

Risk-free testing

Test changes to products/systems without the risk of irreversible damage.

Identify bottlenecks & deficiencies in a timely manner

Any product performance issues can be traced back to the smallest detail rather than the entire system.

Accelerate your software development

Use extensive testing with digital twins to reduce the number of development stages.

Troubleshoot proactively

Troubleshoot from anywhere with the digital twin. digital twin development expertise

We use our own R&D Embedded Center to experiment with digital twin technology and deliver custom digital twin PoC and full-fledged solutions.

Digital twin development from scratch

Digital product models are sometimes difficult to understand when they’re presented in the form of graphs, charts & 2D images.

We use VR/AR modeling to create a much clearer view & perspective of objects, allowing you to explore them from different angles and take a closer look at their components.

We also integrate custom-built digital twin solutions into any software dev environment based on C#, C++, or JavaScript.

Digital twin integration

Our custom digital twins can be integrated with ERP, enterprise asset management (EAM), learning management systems (LMS), product lifecycle management (PLM), and other proprietary and third-party systems.

There are many different approaches and models of business process management. They all collect various data and organize it for analysis. Thanks to our digital twin integration experience, this process can be simplified and automated.

Digital twin cloud integration

A successful digital twin requires significant resources, such as computing power, that can be moved to the cloud. Thus, if you prefer to use resources from Google, Azure and AWS, our team will be happy to help with the cloud integrations.

Digital twin development: why, when, and how?

The article explores why and when businesses should consider building custom digital twins and what they need to take into account before jumping on the digital twin development project.

Robotic arm's digital twin PoC built in our R&D​

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