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Validation by Robots

Integrate's robotic solutions with one of the test benches used locally to enable automated testing and validation for digital displays across automotive, consumer electronics, medical device, and other domains and verticals.


Reduce 25%+ of the time spent on each bench by the team members, allowing your software engineers to handle more strategic tasks within your innovation cycle more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Use custom robots to automate multiple testing scenarios, including:

  • Testing complex VR/AR-based applications by switching the device from landscape to portrait mode and the other way round.
  • Testing physical buttons, side buttons, and any other data input forms in any product where the input cannot be easily simulated, like PoS or systems where the same input must be introduced multiple times.
  • Testing simulation: we use robot MATT by Adapta Robotics that can be integrated into any testing framework, so synchronization between software testing automation and hardware button pressing can be achieved seamlessly.
  • Calibration of any touch screen device.
  • Stress testing, etc.

Touchscreen testing - the mission of the robots

As cars’ touchscreen infotainment systems are evolving, so is the need to develop more complex and efficient tests.

Touchscreen testing in the Automotive industry - the age of the robots

As cars’ touch-screen infotainment systems are evolving, so is the need to develop more complex & efficient tests.

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