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Embedded Software Engineering

Developing fast & highly optimized tools for smart solutions

Benefit from our full-cycle embedded software development solutions. Leverage top IoT engineering talent, resources, tools and accreditations needed to build and test highly intelligent and safe critical systems. 

A custom software development company, we work with IoT companies and electronics manufacturers providing full-cycle embedded software development services. Developing software specific standard RTOS platforms and micro-kernels requires in-depth customization and deep-testing.

We can take your napkin notes and turn them into a strategic product development project. Using our deep domain knowledge and consultative approach, we guide clients throughout their R&D project, from ideation all the way through to the final release, scale-up and beyond.

We build custom embedded systems of any scale and complexity.

  • Application-ready systems on chip and Single-Board Computers
  • Native and cross-platform mobile application development, web development in Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, integration with third-party technologies and firmware
  • Wearable applications involving 3G and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Middleware development to expand the functionality of your embedded product, integrate new apps or upgrade and replace a legacy system
  • Location-based mobile customer communication software
  • Sensor integration, data processing and analytics
  • Machine learning for IoT
  • Deep learning algorithms for audio, visual, wireless signals recognition and processing in IoT and telecom devices

Build your custom embedded/IoT solution with user and product stickiness in mind.

We build simple and sophisticated interfaces for machine-to-machine and machine-to-human communication.

Performance testing for embedded devices, QA audits, manual and automation testing, functional, usability and stress testing, as well as unit and security testing.

At, we have our own product for completely robotized device touchscreen testing – MATT (see below).

Robot Testing for Real Time Software

As we address both critical and non-critical systems, we promote High Integrity Software development & verification using physical robot testing – more precisely, MATT Robot testing framework in order to gain full confidence when we:
  • Develop/QA/maintain embedded software for MCUs and hardware appliances 
  • Employ tools or develop specific instruments for control & monitoring of embedded systems. 
  • Extend the protocol stack with new developments.

Domains we work with

Embedded software for access control and stock predictions, payment devices, transaction management and analytics.

Embedded solutions for inventory tracking, production processes, systems error detection and production data analysis.

Integrated and encrypted software applications for automatic navigation and security. Digital cockpit and instrument cluster solutions.

  • Apps for sports and wellness
  • Medical equipment software
  • Solutions for medical diagnosis and health condition monitoring

Embedded software solutions for smart, innovative and efficient energy monitoring and management.

Smart home solutions that leverage sensors, CCTV cameras, thermostats, smart panels, z-wave locks, and security devices.

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