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AGL for Infotainment & Instrument Cluster

Client: Technology company


  • C/C++
  • QT
  • Linux
  • Yocto


  • AGL PoC


Keeping up with the latest trends in Agile Software Development, AGL use the Yocto Platform in order to provide rapid prototyping and code reusability between different ECU platforms.


Automotive Grade Linux is a collaborative open source project that brings together automakers, suppliers, and technology companies to accelerate the development and adoption of a fully open software stack for the connected car.’s AGL Instrument Cluster is a proof of our expertise in the Automotive market and a start for the development of a full Digital Cockpit.

We put a base for CAN communication and simulated the odometer through CAN.

We built and deployed our own PoC version of AGL Instrument Cluster on a Raspberry Pi 3 and we are currently adding up features and design to it.

Moreover we have attached a CAN board for Automotive CAN communication which communicates with another Raspberry PI 3 board with CAN. The second board sends CAN signals to the AGL board which reads and interprets the messages as on-screen signals like speed gauge moving to show an increase in speed.

  • Jenkins CI/CD platform
  • CAN/Automotive ethernet communication
  • IC & IVI integration for collaboration
  • Deployment on Automotive grade hardware: RENESAS R-CAR Platform


In order to obtain the best end results we used Cycle-V process following ASPICE polices.


  • 2 features implemented (CAN Automotive communication, odometer – speed signals simulated over CAN)
  • As our next step for this research and PoC, we are moving forward to built up an Automotive Digital Cockpit!

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