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Instrument Cluster for Mainstream Vehicles​

AUTOSAR case study​

Client: Global Automotive Tier1


AUTOSAR Architecture, Developing software in C/C++
  • 2 MCUs System with ARM cores
  • Inter-Processor Communication (IPC)
  • 2 board (intelligent & front end) APX design
  • Greenhills Integrity RTOS with support for separate VAS & Memory protection

Safety-related Functions
  • MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) connection to the infotainment system
  • High speed CAN connection & Open GLE graphics


Cockpit electronic products development, including digital instrument clusters, information displays, infotainment, head-up displays, telematics, cockpit domain controllers, and the autonomous driving platform.


  • Instrument Cluster projects for two of the biggest global brands of the Top Manufacturer in individual mobility
  • 1600 defects to solve
  • 28+ features to implement
  • 100% distributed environment where communication and constant synchronizing with other teams were the key elements for success
  • NO clarity concerning the specifications and the technologies used – at kick off.


Our team together with our client’s mirror team has taken the responsibility of delivering the next generations of Instrument clusters for one of the largest global brands in Automotive. We managed to do so by focusing on good quality development and integration.

The client acquired more business on which he could not focus without the help of RINF TECH. RINF TECH’s team worked on the following:

  • Software Development – Embedded programming – C language
  • AUTOSAR modules integrations
  • Hardware bring-up for new Hardware Instrument Clusters
  • Vector tools for AUTOSAR

Tasks for:


In order to give the best support to our client, we engaged engineers on different specialties which work together to obtain the best end results in an Agile methodology, using Cycle-V process and following ASPICE policies.


  • Over 1600 tickets
  • Over 38 new developed features
  • 50% faster deployment due to proficiency with ramp-up and prioritize knowledge transfer.
  • 100% compliance with our client’s tools, standards, process and methodologies.
  • Taking over in record time the ownership on two major projects for our partner/client which allowed the client to focus on more pressing deliverables.
  • Zero delay due to facilitating a seamless transition process. In record time, we took the ownership on two major projects, allowing our client to focus on more pressing deliverables. At the same time, through our work we secured the projects’ stability & scalability.

Upgraded competences

Our seasoned engineers have extensive experience with the following tools; please contact us for a comprehensive presentation of our expertise in the Automotive sector.

  • RTC
  • Rhapsody
  • Jenkins
  • QNX
  • DaVinci
  • Ansys
  • Vector Cast
  • GHS Compiler
  • Lauterbach
  • CANoe
  • OrCAD
  • Autosar
  • Matlab Simulink

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