We support our clients, leaders of the automotive domain, in developing and adapting their business through software solutions. Our integrated approach, backed by deep industry knowledge, contributes to ideas making their way to the new mobility era.

The cockpit is now an environment where all the components shaping the driver’s experience are interconnected.

From infotainment systems to blind spot parking sensors, the possibilities for creating new tools that rely on embedded hardware, as well as on cloud-based solutions are no longer bound into the tight knots of localized systems and invariable series.

That’s why our software engineers are on a mission to help our partners develop innovative and top-quality features, adopt the newest tool-set advancements and deliver the best driving experience to their customers.

We focus on quality engineering innovative solutions and scalability for our partners working in the Automotive Industry.

Software development, hardware bring-up and automated testing.

Our teams are fully Agile, and ready to operate in synergy with your teams to follow your product for its entire life cycle, from design to validation.

And yes, we speak AUTOSAR.


More projects coming soon

  • Radar and Vision
  • ADAS Security
  • Secure Transactions – IoT
  • Microchip Management
  • SOC Peripheral Conf
  • Car Infotainment
  • Telematics
  • IC & IVI Validatio
  • Charging Station Integration

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