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P30 Charging Stations Development​

Client: Leading International Developer and Manufacturer of automation solutions for the industrial, banking, services, and energy automation areas. ​


For the smart charging management and external communication features:

  • Java, Spring Dependency Injection, SQLite, Drools (rules engine)


For API development​:

  • Python with Quart


For configuration validation:

  • C/C++ 


For web application development:

  • PHP/Jquery
  • Linux/Bash  


Custom design and development of central new features for electric charging infrastructure.


Our client, a leading international developer and manufacturer in automation machinery, has been at the forefront of automation innovation for over five decades. Known for their wide range of solutions in various sectors, they have made significant strides in the electromobility market, particularly with their P30 charging stations, a pivotal product for electric and plug-in vehicles.

The rapid expansion of the electric vehicle market increased the demand for advanced electrical charging infrastructure. Our client faced the need to enhance the development and quality assurance team for their P30 charging stations to accelerate the introduction of new features, crucial for maintaining their market-leading position. They required a solution that would uphold stringent quality standards and adapt to the evolving technological landscape of the electromobility sector.'s Solution

To address this challenge, our team provided an augmentation of skilled engineers to the client’s existing team. Our collaborative effort focused on key areas such as:

  • Photovoltaic Charging Optimizations: Integrating smart charging functionality that manages the charging of vehicles based on the energy output from photovoltaic systems.
  • Intelligent Load Management: Developing capabilities to dynamically adjust the charging process, optimizing energy use and costs.
  • Online Software Update Mechanisms: Implementing updates to ensure the charging stations remained equipped with the latest features and security patches.

Results & Customer Benefits

Since the inception of the project, our team has successfully:

  • Integrated seamlessly with the client’s systems and team, gaining a profound understanding of the electromobility domain.
  • Developed and implemented critical new features, which significantly enhanced the product’s performance and market competitiveness.


The collaborative project has allowed our client to swiftly add numerous new features to their product, improving response times to customer requests and enhancing overall product capabilities. This not only solidified their position in the market but also reinforced their reputation as innovators in the electromobility space.

Through this partnership, our client has not only met the evolving needs of the market but has also set a benchmark for quality and innovation in electrical charging solutions.

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