Custom Robotics

We provide custom robotic engineering services and develop tailored solutions to leverage your product development.

We love robots. And they love us... well almost – their service is so convincing. We design them, build them and provide our customers turn-key solutions.

We aim to integrate the best solutions in terms of design and technology, while keeping the focus on our clients’ needs and expectations.


While our robots have been developed with a clear business need in mind, we can start from little specs or no specs at all. We leave a lot of room for creativity and out-of-the-box ideas.

 We will arrive together at a fully customizable solution, which automates processes business models, workplaces or testing areas. From idea to welding, we combine mechanics, electronics, and software into unique custom robotics solutions.

We strive to create the systems that are ready to take on the least fruitful, benchmarked procedures from the performance standpoint and integrate with the existing frameworks of a business to complete the automation  process through custom robotics.

The process

  1. Understanding the problem
  2. Prototyping a solution
  3. Testing and adapting the solution in a real-world scenario
  4. Treating and including edge cases in the system
  5. Integrating with existing or prerequisite modules
  6. Deploying the solution

MATT & Versatility

Our awards-winning Robotic team efforts led us to develop MATT, an innovative solution for automated touch-screen QA testing. 

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