Automotive Software Development

We support car making companies, OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers in developing innovative automotive solutions for ADAS, Digital Cockpit, Infotainment, EV, etc.

Major trends such as connectivity, shared mobility and electrification are fundamentally changing the automotive ecosystem. OEMs & Tier 1 companies are already looking for ways to tailor their product strategy to industry trends and embrace new business models.

Automotive data is becoming a game-changing asset that accelerates digital transformation for everyone in the industry. offers automotive software development expertise, backed by many years of experience in automotive technology and custom software engineering services to help automotive companies jump fast on the emerging tech bandwagon.​

We invite you to leverage our many years of experience with custom automotive solutions development to shorten time to market, ensure product quality and security, provide unparalleled user experience, and make the most out of your vehicular data for strategic decision-making!

Our Services & Solutions for Automotive Companies​

Our Automotive Software Development Expertise

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Electric Drive is Now

Electric Drive Is Now

Engage with the Digital Cockpit

Engage with the Digital Cockpit

Safety First for Self-Driving Cars

Safety First for Self-Driving Cars

Telematics Advancements

Telematics Advancements

Validation by Robots

Validation by Robots

At, we speak fluent AUTOSAR!

AUTOSAR solves the problem of increasing code complexity by providing an open software architecture for automotive applications. This architecture supports the development of standardized electronic systems that improve quality, performance, safety and environmental friendliness. It also helps simplify the software update process over the vehicle’s life.


Leverage our AUTOSAR software development expertise to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Seamless software sharing between a variety of teams and companies
  • Interoperability and cross-compatibility of components
  • Cost-saving due to reusable code and software components 
  • Interface consistency
  • Design flexibility
  • Layered underlying software architecture
  • Reduced costs and development time
  • Increasingly efficient functional development
  • Enhanced security and software quality 

Our recent AUTOSAR projects

Development and maintenance of MATLAB / Simulink models, code generation, and script automation for AUTOSAR compliant systems.

Participation in the ASPICE audits in the SWE4 process area, target Level 2 achieved for our area of responsibility.

DCDC Converter projects with the scope of porting a customer platform to an AUTOSAR solution and automation of unit testing for the software components.

Vector AUTOSAR architecture, configuration and integration, investigation and debug of issues

ADAS software development with focus on AUTOSAR, functional safety and security.

Some of Our Automotive Case Stories

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