Our partners develop and employ technology. We build on existing methodologies. We maximize the positive outcomes. We always consider the specifics of our partners’ work and approach.

Our technological process automates quality control with the gap checks among the issue tracking and the production feedback loops. We know where we fall short and we correct the compromise by including it as an activity in the following development loop. This is a straightforward way – just simple & responsible – and we just do it well. #QualityPractice


Of course, we apply this to the technical agile practice, since it is the standard approach. But we also apply it on operational & engagement processes as described in the #Delivery Models.

Just the methodology but done well – simply till the end.

Relief regarding #QualityPractice

With us #QualityPractice is again a matter of balance. Too little will yank to a halter growth and scalability, while too much will suffocate budget and T2M.

Again, we employ a balanced approach with a minimum of effort, we achieve the highest quality level relevant with embedding #QualityPractice through our #QualityGovernance layer.

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