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Devices & Integration

Reinventing Business While Boosting Well-Being for End-Users.

Develop cutting-edge software for revolutionary devices. Complete complex hardware and third-party platform integrations fast, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

From hardware design and bare-metal to developing the software layers, our engineers’ expertise covers all areas of embedded devices, from sensors to high-complexity infotainment systems.

With everything connected, there is a great need to provide a seamless integration between devices, sensors, platforms and various systems. Regardless of the environment – a connected car, a smart home – a lot of footwork is done starting from drivers to NFCs and wireless charging.

From connection security to road safety, the integration of smart devices needs to take into account a whole array of potential risks and issues to be solved. We’re excited to take on your challenge and deliver a custom IoT device solution for you.

Different industries face specific business and tech cases, from long battery life and low consumption to managing multiple devices at the same time to remote control, with minimal user intervention.


Our Embedded Applications cover the testing, diagnostics and programming areas. Furthermore, our teams of developers match sensors and physical devices with electronics and the corresponding digital interfaces, allowing for full automations from metadata flows up throughout the process chain. All these together help our clients keep costs under control while optimizing and validating working models, meeting the security needs long before entering the market.

The smallest things change the world for the better in the biggest way. Think sensors and data and information and knowledge and user behavior.

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