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IoT Device Management

Client: British Telecom Startup


Google Cloud, Linux, Java SEE Runtime, Spring & Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, JavaScript/Angular.js, Quartz, Apache HTTP Client, JUnit, Jenkins and Apache Maven, Azure IoT Hub, Events Hub, Cosmos DB, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Edge Computing, Custom Protocol Gateways.


Asset tracking and transport handling Cloud based platform for worldwide carriers.


Our client is a UK-based telecom startup that provides a disruptive solution for the logistics industry: a real-time parcel tracking device and service that allows users to track the location, security, and condition of their shipments regardless of the scale, country, or carrier.

In particular, it checks the following parameters:

  • if the package is too hot or cold,
  • if it gets wet or is open,
  • if it’s been dropped or tilted and where this happened.


As they were through with the first phase of software prototyping and development, which had successfully attracted investors and demonstrated the capabilities of the platform, the company was looking for a technology partner that could get their product to the enterprise-grade level.

Our main job was to develop the software platform and ensure its top performance, security, and scalability.


We built and delivered the following IoT device management platform that uses various IoT sensors and a global MNO/MVNO network to enable carriers to collect information about asset location, real-time transportation conditions (humidity, temperature), and handling.

All data is collected in real-time and is available in the public or private cloud.

In particular, this custom IoT solution has the following features:

  • Asset location monitoring with GPS accuracy,
  • Tracking temperature from -15C up to +50C,
  • Monitoring relative humidity between 0-100%,
  • It receives a default tilt alert if a parcel is subject to a tilt of more than 30 degrees in any direction,
  • It verifies if a shipment has been opened and triggers an alert when a tracker is exposed to more than 4.0 LUX,
  • It triggers an alert if a parcel is subject to a free fall.


Key Features

  • GPS location tracking
  • Temperature conditions
  • Humidity conditions
  • Shock events recording for miss-handling
  • Light detection for package opening


Solution development phases:

Assessed Current Architecture, Proposed & Implemented Architectural Improvements

Introduced Automated Testing

Developed New Features, Improved the Code & Refactored Existing Functionalities

Performed Security Improvements


From a business point of view: we have prepared the foundation that allows the Client to go to the production phase and launch an advertising campaign.

From a technology point of view: we helped improved stability, scalability, and performance of the Client’s IoT device management platform’s performance.

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