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Co-Working Booking & Billing System

Client: Major Co-Working space player in London and Tel Aviv


  • Cloud Platform: hosted on AWS, Java Programming, Spring, MongoDB, Angular 5
  • Mobile Native Clients: iOS & Android


Integrated online booking systems for coworking assets


  • Incomplete and incorrect reporting of the assets and their availability status
  • Integrating with third party services which were rather bureaucratic and full of redundancies – with triple or double data entries
  • Digitization of all paperwork
  • Managing sprint-wise feedback while delivering new modules.

Solution team stayed in contact with the client and took the time to get to know their business — making it clear that our intention was to strike up a partnership rather than a quick sale. That commitment is really what allowed this project to work. The phones and data are just one piece of a larger technology picture that our clients’ needs to provide their customers. They use the system we developed for billing as it integrates with the sales CRM system, all of which integrates with different vendors that operate with them for key systems — it is a holistic, streamlined process. The solution for booking assets in co-working spaces (projector, WIFI connection, meeting rooms, etc.) is just one of the components. The service is bases on several subscription methods connected to a 3rd party payment provider. Some of the features are still confidential but here are those we can offer details on:
  • White label ready
  • Flexible subscription methods
  • User accounts with different access levels
  • Index all assets with their booking status
  • Book assets
  • Pay subscription or individual assets
  • Integration with 3rd party payment provider
  • Synchronization with user’s calendar (adds booking in calendar shows other events)
  • Community module (users can connect with other people from the platform)

The solution includes functionalities for opening smart locks (from meeting rooms, building) based on the user’s subscription It works with Bluetooth beacons, raspberry PI, AAC from the smart locks providers to remind the user when the booking is taking place, where, and unlocks the door using these technologies (when the user is in range.


Problem Definition assembled a team of real-estate experts, business analysts and IoT technicians to survey and understand the pain areas to be addressed in implementing coWorking performance management.

Prototype Design

The technology team created a single application on two platforms – Android and iOS that helped log work as well as view reports. It was a one-stop application to rent rooms and view reports.

Integrating User Experience

Intuitive UI was created to drive users to answer the huge question set across the week by enabling offline handling of data.


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Faster Actions

Managers acquired real-time data on the status of the assets at coworking spaces in different divisions, which helped them take timely action.

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Of Subscribers

Benefited from better targeted improvements. Productivity logging gave an insight on which areas required to be focused on for improvement.

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Identification of Top Subscribers

Managers were able to award the top Subscribers of each location with concierge-like services and create healthy competition amongst different units on topics related to their service quality to the top subtopics.

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