Make the most out of your enterprise transformation with our technology services and vast domain experience to maximize the value of your investments.

Our expertise in engineering allows us to provide state-of-art solutions that integrate software and hardware. The dedicated technical core team partners with our clients, understands the business and technical challenges, consults and implements the best solutions to achieve the desired results.

Micro Processors

Companies now employ too many devices to be able to manually update, debug or monitor, so platforms automating some of the functions represent a way to manage and maintain them. Integrating new devices in an existing ecosystem is also a challenge for most of the companies, along with obtaining necessary performance data.

Consumer Electronics

We help companies build new tools and products from optimized chipsets to SoCs, from smart toys to wellness gear, from smart cameras to AR avatars.

Furthermore, our teams of developers can match any sensor and physical device with electronics and its corresponding digital interfaces, allowing for full automations from metadata flows up throughout the process chain.


More projects coming soon

  • Identity Management Flows
  • Image Processing & Interactivity
  • Medical Equipment & Consumables Marketplace
  • Social Distancing for Retail
  • Document Security Management
  • Document Security Management aaS
  • Train Connectivity Management
  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Digital Twin
  • NBIoT GPS Tracker & Sensor
  • M2M Communication

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