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Task Management Dashboard

Client: Technology Company


  • PHP 7.1, MySQL, Symfony 3 framework, Redis, Query, NodeJS, Sass gem
  • Composer, Git, Jenkins


Task Management Dashboard development


  1. Integration with other tools of internal usage in an everchanging toolkit environment
  2. Putting in place a tooling policy and unifying the tooling under a single provider with disinvestment of marginal tools
  3. Detail a service catalogue with a complete evidence of the competencies and portfolio


The goal of Dashboard Project is to provide an internal software solution allowing easy information access for all employees. Additionally, it will serve as a portal initiating all internal applications. Dashboard Project provides centralized and easy access to all internal information.

Key features
  • The new dashboard brings many features
  • Internal marketing and departmental information exchange
  • Phone-book & who is who functionality
  • Easy document handling, allowing document access restriction
  • Holiday requests
  • Calendar
  • To-do lists, perfect for efficient tasks completion and project management
  • Notifications
  • Blog and company news
  • White label service catalog that permits you define and inter-connect all type of entities you may need


  • Solution Design Workshop
  • Agile 2 week sprints with CI /CD
  • Ongoing feature delivery and releases each 2 months


  • 85% utilization of a single system throughout the client company
  • Single task repository
  • Single portfolio repository with service catalog linkage
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