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Client: Telecom company


PHP, Selenium, Android, PostgreSQL, Wifi, AWS


  • White label IoT Service Platform
  • IoT in Telecom
  • Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Hybrid app development


  1. Lack of availability of low-price data packages worldwide
  2. Complexities in configuration of the service
  3. Simplification of the clunky, difficult-to-access subscription packs.


A platform that has all the basic elements needed for a white-label IoT service with its dedicated business & revenue model. eCommerce has grown together with the Internet. This has also led to a change in requirements for eCommerce platforms. As such, a desktop-based e-commerce platform is not enough nowadays. A site that is accessible and usable from any type of device is mandatory, as well as catching the customer’s eye and attention from the very first glance. That’s how eComPay was born and it is taking matters further than the eCommerce capabilities, opening option into the consumer-producer market phase characterized by the disappearance of product-series and the dawn of ‘customized everything’.

Key Features
  • IoT capabilities embedded by design.
  • Online payment and shipping providers integrated.
  • Ready to be deployed on any device
  • The mobile app (built with Ionic) is ready to be deployed both on Android and iOS Store locator Store administration.
  • Multiple layouts for reflecting your products / service personality.


RINF TECH team of industry experts, business analysts and content writers researched for 30 days on the existing hardware to understand the pain areas to be addressed. Post this survey research the team built a prototype to capture the desired parameters in a single test cycle.

Designing the prototype

The team decided to implement the latest technology of Internet of things (IOT). The technology team tested the dongle with a Wifi transmitter for data transfers among devices – tablets, smartphones etc.

Enhancing the prototype

The team aggregated and embedded multiple sources of private information into the App to supplement expert comments and trial phase findings.

Application Launch

Post the client’s sign off, the application was launched and tested for effectiveness and efficiency with a pilot run in a supervised group of 1000 users.


  • 75% decrease in contracting time
  • Eliminate complexities in configuration of the service
  • Simplification of the clunky, difficult-to-access process intensive subscription packs.
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Lines of code written
Platforms ready
Minutes away from being your online e-commerce platform

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