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Dynamic & Static Testing Plugin

Client: Quality Assurance - Dynamic and Static Code Testing


Java, Eclipse Framework, SWT, XTEXT, C, C++, Python


Developing An Eclipse Plugin


Making the Dynamic Testing capabilities available on Eclipe IDE


The plug-in should make available real-time the testing libraries.

Coding standards and coding guidelines


Firemen project for delayed project with a lot of change requests.

Eclipse is a mature and powerful platform, more precisely a collection of open source technologies and frameworks.

When used right, it can enormously speed up your development project and significantly reduce costs – for the initial implementations as well as for the ongoing maintenance. it has been another “challenge accepted” by


> 0 %
Productivity gain in coding with Eclipse
> 0 %
Decrease in technical debt & erroneous code due to static & dynamic testing
0 %
Higher adherence to coding standards

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