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Smart Conference

Client: Global Semiconductor Manufacturer


Raspberry Pi, sensors (temperature, presence, sound), relays, python, voice recognition algorithms, Microsoft Outlook calendar integration.


Development of an IoT device to control the room temperature and lighting when meetings are scheduled in that room.


Achieving reductions of energy consumption while increasing the satisfaction of the people in the rooms.

Develop voice recognition algorithm and optimize for deployment on Raspberry Pi with low resources available.  


Outside the meeting hours and during the weekend, the light in the room should be turned off automatically and the temperature should be kept at a level that allows energy economy.

Smart Conference must be integrated with a company’s calendar (ex. Microsoft Outlook Calendar) to collect information about the upcoming meetings and their duration, desired ambient temperature. It detects when the room is empty and turns off the light and cooling/heating after 5 minutes of inactivity. 

Furthermore, we implemented the voice control of the system and set up voice notifications and confirmations. 


We followed a design thinking process using internal meetings with architects, product managers, marketing team members to brainstorm and identify a feature set that is relevant and allows us to highlight our capabilities to integrate technologies from different domains to create compelling solutions.


Showroom solution - we have several in our offices. Proof of expertise in R&D.

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