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Audio Manager Middleware Development

Client: Automotive Tier 1


C++, CANoe, Linux, Python


Audio Manager Middleware component


  • Distributed environment where you must synchronize with other teams that provide your dependencies in order to deliver the functionality required.
  • Unclarity of the specifications and the technologies


Audio Manager Middleware component ported and developed by our team acts as a Controller in the MVC (Model View Controller) between the HMI (View) and the Audio Platform Component (Model)

  • Audio settings configuration transfer from user (HMI) to Audio Platform (damping, comfort volume, volume separation, balance, fader, equalizer)
  • Volume and mute management
  • Engineering menu (used when car goes to dealership or before production to fine tweak the sound settings)
  • Outputs Feedbacks (click, OK, Cancel), Ringtones, Notification Sounds
  • Gathers/distributes focus requests coming from Tuner Middleware, Media Middleware, Bluetooth Component and forwards them from/to Audio Platform acting as central communication point between the above specified components and Audio Platform.


In order to provide the best support to our client, we engaged engineers from different areas which worked together to obtain the best end results in an Agile methodology, using Cycle-V process and following ASPICE policies.


  • 0 major defects on the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) delivery
  • 90% code coverage for the unit tests of our components
  • Components bring-up and integration
  • Development of new features
  • Proposed and developed an automated regression testing framework developed in Python and based on mocking in interfaces used for IPC communication.

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