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Mobile-First e-Banking Application

Custom Development of a FinTech solution

Client: European Financial Group 


Custom development of Internet and mobile banking application.


Our Client was looking to build a custom mobile-first eBanking application to address the following challenges:

  • Drive user acquisition;
  • Move from specs based development to continuous improvement and deployment (CI/CD), scope flexibility, and Dedicated Team input;
  • Ensure 100% uptime.


We had previously collaborated with the Client on other successful projects, which led to 3+ years of trustful relationship. One of the reasons they hired our outsourcing consultants was’s ability to deliver in a model specific to their current needs. As such, we supplied experienced consultants to ramp up their core team during peak activity periods.

We took part in an RFP along with other shortlisted providers and we were chosen thanks to our qualitative approach.

With our help, the Client managed to significantly extend its development bandwidth and capabilities by assembling a Dedicated Team of 9 Java developers, mid and senior levels.

Their core responsibilities included the development of new features and functionalities for the client’s personal banking platform. Additionally, the’s team developed internal business applications for the client, relying on the Agile project management.

Another thing is customization. Most of the banking apps allow very little in that respect. The Customer was looking to build a customizable interface that could be easily configured to turn the UI into a features dashboard.

Our custom-built solution basically offers the best-in-class processes to the customer, allowing them to make critical product decisions independently. Our work here was to make sure that the app is available 100 % of the time.

User testing allowed our Client to refine the app, but we had a backlog of functions and elements that we weren’t entirely sure were needed for the final product. To ensure we nailed the final UX and to assist with prioritizing remaining features, we ultimately decided to pursue simplicity — a “minimum viable product” (MVP) within the existing app.

Feedback loops were installed into the bill-splitting feature to allow customers to try it and provide their input.  


Our dedicated software engineering team developed new features and functionalities for the Client’s personal banking platform and for other internal business applications relying on an Agile project management model.

The team started by identifying relevant use cases and conducting an in-depth user research. Then, we mapped out the app’s user journey and adjusted the service conceptual model to users’ mental model. User scenarios were transformed into user flows, drawing detailed blueprints of the future banking app to catch visual mood that inspires.

On top of that, we designed the key concept by creating a visual language and built the proof of concept product to demo to all product stakeholders.

Building a mobile bank from scratch suggests that a lot of processes need to be created. It was decided not to change the existing processes, but to build them from the ground up, thinking not about the bank as it was, but about the bank as it wanted to be perceived by external audiences. We also changed an entire retail banking part in order to make it mobile-first.

The challenge was to come up with a totally new banking user experience which was to be easy to use, intuitive, and enjoyable. 


  • Shorter time to build and market new app functionalities.
  • By working with our Dedicated Team, our client’s nearshore IT Center gained a significant boost in their Java development expertise.
  • The web app involving certain specific features (e.g., features to inform the customer about the various benefits of savings behaviors) supports a positive banking customer’s experience and makes a positive impact on the client’s end-user savings.

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