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Team Extension

The Right Software Engineers with the Right Attitude

Are you looking to boost your in-house software project development bandwidth, shorten time-to-market, and save costs?

If you feel your existing software team doesn't match your expectations in terms of timing, product quality, skills, knowledge, or maturity, it makes sense to consider extending it offshore/nearshore..

Team Extension meets the dynamic demands of today’s business world, whether software engineering experts are hired for a large enterprise or a small startup. Over the past years, the Extended Team has proven to be an effective model of collaboration between custom software outsourcing buyers and providers.

Team Extension services are popular among companies struggling to find and hire the right tech talent on time and within budget.

At, we have many years of experience helping different types of companies across various industries and verticals address their recruitment challenges by building highly efficient and cost-effective Dedicated Development Teams in Romania, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. 

We invite you to leverage our expertise and build an organic extension of your internal project development team in one of our Eastern European Delivery Centers.'s Team Extension framework

Customer’s Responsibility’s Responsibility will consult on this

Project Setup & Resources



Delivery Structure


Hardware Tools

Scope of Work

Software Tool Stack


Project Architecture

Software Licenses

Access to Project Wiki

SDLC Tool Accounts

Hardware Tools

Team Project Plan

Team Setup & Ramp-up

Team Structure

Tools Deployment

Recruitment Process

Technical Validation

Team Setup

Knowledge Transfer


Initial Ramp-up Plan

Hardware Bring-up

HR Interviews

Team Onboarding


Team scale-up process

Technical Validation

Project Team Management

Team Organization

WIP Management

KPI Management

Continuous Improvement


KPI/SLA Report

Project Resource Planning

Project Delivery

Technical Coordination

Issue Management

Corrective Actions

Delivery Measurements


Work-load Estimation

Improvement Proposals


What's in it for you?

Boost your in-house team productivity by augmenting it with’s software engineering and QA talent picked specifically to match your project requirements and business goals.

Does it take you too long to find and hire talented developers locally, which impedes your solution’s development and increases time-to-market?

With our proven candidate screening methodologies, headhunting best practices and access to talent-rich pools in Romania, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, we can help you recruit specialists with the most sophisticated skills faster than any local recruitment agency or your local competitors. We have exclusive access to the following developer communities in Eastern Europe:

  • AI, machine learning, deep learning and computer vision,
  • Data science,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Cloud,
  • IoT/embedded development,
  • Mixed Reality (AR/VR/DR)

Skills shortage, tough competition for talent, and the ongoing pandemics have significantly affected software developer rates in the EU and North America. With some skills and roles commanding 6-figure salaries, hiring experienced and mature specialists can be a huge challenge for both SMBs and large enterprises.

Leveraging offshore talent in Eastern Europe can help drive your recruitment and project development costs significantly down while keeping time-to-hire relatively short (typically, up to 30 days).

If you have time constraints, consider using’s dedicated software development & R&D teams to get extra hands and complete your project on time.

Using our dedicated resources, you can develop product features in parallel with your core (in-house) team, which will help reduce your time-to-market dramatically.


By hiring a mix of permanent and part-time software development, PM, and QA specialists in Easern Europe, you can build an organic extension of your in-house team and use it as a standalone unit for strategic long-term software development.

Alternatively, we’ll help you fully immerse your offshore dedicated team into your existing technology ecosystem, corporate culture, etc. As such, you can use your dedicated resources as part of your core product team.

Read more about how the Managed Team model works in this blog post: Software Development Services – the Most Used Collaboration Models.

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