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Retail Software Development

Helping retail companies jump fast on the newest technologies bandwagon, automate their workflows, improve customer loyalty, and increase top-line growth through custom retail/eCommerce software development.

Engage's multi-year experience with custom Retail Tech solutions development and robust Delivery Ecosystem to transform digitally and gain the best cost/quality ratio!

Some of the world-renowned retail and eCommerce brands already benefit from leveraging’s Software Engineering Teams by finding effective solutions to their most critical pain points such as legacy retail systems, data security and privacy, omnichannel consistency, inventory and supply chain management, scalability and more. 

Our Retail Software Development Services

Retail Robotics

Rectify in-store price and promotion errors

Minimize customer dissatisfaction caused by out-of-stock items and price tag discrepancies

AI/Machine Learning

Improve personalization and customer segmentation, demand forecasting, inventory management and fraud detection.

Optimize your supply chain


Embedded Retail

Reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve conversion rates, customer loyalty and revenue

Enable real-time inventory tracking, smart check-out and payments


Security & Safety

Prevent in-store trespass and vandalism and improve customer safety through Cloud CCTV surveillance solutions

Unlock your full technology potential with Large Language Models (LLMs)!

Benefit from bespoke retail technology solutions


Enable autonomous data processing and aggregation through low-code/no-code and machine learning (ML) solutions

Manage Inventory & Supply Chain

Enable supply chain visibility and optimization through integration of Nb-IoT tracking and retail robot

Analyze Foot Traffic & Behavior

Improve in-store tracking and surveillence through custom-built Cloud CCTV and AI solutions.

Enhance Payment Processing

Streamline multi-channel sales, improve sales reporting and analytics through custom point-of-sale (POS) solutions

Upgrade & Modernize

Accelerate your RetailTech product development lifecycle and optimize expenses


Enhance operational efficiency and deliver retail industry innovation at scale

You'll Be In Good Company

The Retail industry is undergoing significant changes as a result of digital transformation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Get in touch with to discuss your Retail Innovation project! 

Why Build Your Next RetailTech Solution With

600+ Global Staff

Mostly mid- and senior-level software engineers and tech specialists

Hundreds of custom high-complexity solutions

Successfully delivered to blue-chip companies & SMBs since 2006

Blended Technology Expertise

Supported by extensive cross-unit collaboration & shared knowledge

Benefit From Our Integrated Approach

Technical Management

Technical Director & Technical Delivery Manager
A dedicated technical excellence core to oversee successful development and delivery throughout the project

Talent Aquisition

Strategic approach to identifying, assessing & hiring
A dedicated HR Business Partner to manage employee retention and role satisfaction in accordance with project objectives

Client Engagement

A strong differentiator in terms of organizational design
Continuous alignment between technical & delivery management and client relationship objectives throughout the project

HR Business Partner

Team strategy and business strategy alignment
A dedicated HR Business Partner to manage employee retention and role satisfaction in accordance with project objectives

From Time & Materials (T&M)/fixed price to turnkey projects delivery to client-tailored dedicated Offshore Development Centers– we adapt to each Client’s needs and provide flexible service delivery models!

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