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Unleash Value with Data

Realize the true value of data by enabling teams with self-service thinking and intelligent tools for automated decision making.

Intelligent tools help teams automate data privacy compliance checks, enabling more-informed decision-making before product, initiative or service launches.

Organizations can embed better thinking on data privacy compliance and help promote a culture of “Privacy by Design” by adopting the use of intelligent tools.

To achieve the ultimate goal of extracting value from data, you first have to build in control over that data. That means knowing what data you hold, having transparency over where it is stored, and understanding why it is collected and on what legal grounds. You must also know why it is stored and whether it is received from a third-party. Context is everything.

The road to success rests in leveraging technology that makes life easier for all stakeholders — the agile team, the DPO and the board. The right approach to data privacy unlocks the potential for future value.

Intelligent tools are being developed that enable teams to identify and highlight privacy issues — and determine what is and isn’t permissible in terms of how personal data is being used — without them having to have any detailed “technical” knowledge of their own. This article looks at the ambition to create value in data without compromising privacy by adopting this new “self-service” style of thinking, and why a blanket data privacy policy seldom works.

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