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Global Content Portal for Healthcare Supply Chain

Client: one of the leading healthcare business & data automation companies


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AuroraDB and DocumentDB Databases
  • Java EE, Hibernate, Solr 7
  • Angular 8
  • Business Automation Toolkit – JBPM


  • Custom development of a global content portal for a healthcare business and data automation company empowering healthcare organizations to enable better patient care and maximize industry savings through cloud-based supply chain technology and analytics solutions.
  • QA automation.


It’s the responsibility of the doctor’s office or hospital to ensure adequate treatment of patients. That means having the right tools and potentially life-saving supplies on hand when needed. As such, visibility into supply chains is crucial to ensure supply rooms are stocked so organizations can provide better patient treatment.

Connected healthcare supply chain operations are complex. They consist of various industry actors and involve many processes that require secure and reliable communications among:

  • Manufacturers, distributors and group purchasing organizations
  • Hospitals, labs, and clinics
  • Insurance companies and health exchanges
  • Transportation, logistics and warehousing organizations
  • Regulatory agencies

Our client was looking to build and deliver a HIPAA compliant platform capable of:

  • bringing data in from any number of sources,
  • matching, curating and managing the data,
  • carrying out manual item data attribution,
  • delivering item data to users in a variety of ways, prioritizing efficiency and relevance to the company’s data syndication strategy.


Our team at designed and built a platform as a single source of truth (SSOT) for item data for all company product offerings that is stable, scalable, and reliable.

The Supplier Content Portal is based on the ‘single pipe concept’ for suppliers. Suppliers have many endpoints to submit data to with different requirements.

Key solution’s features

UI with an advanced search engine to manage data attribution

Real-time reporting

Supplier catalogues storage

Storing, linking & distributing item data

Exact item attribution for healthcare supply products

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