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Uberization of Routes Planning and Delivery ETAs

Client: A leading truck transportation and instant delivery company


.NET Core, MongoDB, CassandraDB, Redis, Azure Devops, Kubernetes, Docker, RabbitMq, Azure Services

Reactive Architecture with  Microservices


Custom logistics and fleet management system development.


The Client was looking to build a custom software solution to increase customer satisfaction and retention and optimize courier operations.


Our custom-built solution enables the Client to properly inform its end customers of the time slot in which the delivery will take place as well as provide options to the recipients to control the delivery flow. 

Another feature is enabling optimization of  operations by increasing the number of activities a courier can handle during a day.

Key features

  • Optimal itinerary planning  and routes recalculation for agents;
  • Route recalculations and optimizations on traffic events or delivery changes;
  • Enabling delivery  redirects, cancellations, dynamic pick-ups
  • Pinning on map, contacting courier through central system;
  • Live tracking of couriers;
  • Addressing  parsing and autocorrection, geocoding, reverse geocoding;
  • Geofences  – microzoning and macrozoning;
  • Integration with Logistics Management solution.


Integration is done via an API Gateway,  RabbitMq, REST APIs and auxiliary microservices allowing better decoupling and responsibilities separation.




  • Scalable architecture 
  • Increase in customer satisfaction, retention, and new sales by specifying the delivery time-slot within a 15-minute timeframe;
  • Optimized courier operations by increasing deliveries and pick-ups  up to 20-40% per day;
  • High volume of data processing: 3 millions of transactions, 600,000+ deliveries, 140,000+ agents per day
  • Real-time data processing and traffic injection.

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