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Augmented Reality (AR) Retail Application

Client: Technology company


Intel OpenVINO library, React Native, Augmented Reality (ViroReact)  


Project for the Retail industry – an AR-based shopping app 


The physical encounters with customers can reveal great opportunities in terms of better understanding of customer’s shopping behavior and preferences, opening the door to a more accurate services customization. In a market where 62% of customers expect discounts based on their purchasing history, and 82% of millennials still prefer in-store shopping as a retail channel, enhancing phygital experience seems the way to go.

Real-time emotional and behavioral data provides important insights on how the brand impacts visitors, leading a retail company to make the most efficient decisions about its marketing tactics.

Our customer – a technology company – was looking to build a custom AR-based solution to better cater to its clients. They eventually turned to for help.


We created a mobile application that can identify products in a store and automatically add them to a shopping cart based on computer vision and machine learning capabilities.

We used dedicated machine learning devices such as Neural Compute Stick with Intel Movidius VPU to track and identify in-store products.

The mobile app uses the camera and CNN pre-trained models to take pictures and identify products.

Once identified, products can be added to the cart or bookmarked for later buying or sharing with friends. Bookmarked products are visible in augmented reality inside the store, making customers’ life easier when it comes to spotting immediately what they are looking for.


Watch the video below to see the true power of our custom application:

  • The concept pivoted into a full-blown custom robot developed by our R&D teams and our robotic scale-up Adapta Robotics
  • Easily define your shopping list by introducing the name, description and priority you want. Based on the priority, shopping lists are ordered so you can see and access the most important first.
  • Walking in the shopping area is all you have to do now.
  • Take pictures of the products of interest. Our application automatically detects and shows the best price for your desired product.
  • Add product directly to the shopping cart or bookmark its location for later visiting.
  • Once added to the shopping cart, you’re just one click away from having it delivered too your doorway.
  • Bookmarked products are visible on augmented reality of the location, so you can easily get back to them anytime.

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