rinf.tech featured among Top 10 AI Development Companies in Bucharest

As of September 2021

The Manifest’s mission is to collect and verify the complex data, expert insights, and actionable tips that modern companies, big and small, need to build their brand and ensure sustainable business growth.

rinf.tech has been included in the latest list of the top AI developers because we met The Manifest’s company evaluation criteria, such as a clear service focus and exceptional customer services reflected in customer reviews and testimonials.

Over the past months, rinf.tech has significantly reinforced its AI and machine learning development expertise through successful delivery of custom-built enterprise projects for the automotive, retail, fintech, and other industries as well as robust R&D, data science, and IoT/embedded development.

The recognition of our efforts and contributions to the global AI innovation by The Manifest marks an important milestone in our corporate maturity. It inspires us to deepen and fine-tune our expertise to stay ahead of the curve with customer services while providing the best price-quality ratio under the EU legislation.

About The Manifest

The Manifest is a sister company of Clutch, the world’s leading b2b research agency. It aims to uncover the answers to the most pressing business questions by surveying b2b decision-makers and consumers and helping entrepreneurs find the right business service and technology partner with proven project delivery capabilities.


About rinf.tech

rinf.tech is a technology strategy company that draws on the Engineering Excellence principle, knowledge-based capabilities and permanent R&D on ultimate future technologies. 

The company specializes in custom enterprise application development, IoT/embedded system development, and robotics, and provides a range of b2b services, from tech staff augmentation and managed offshore/nearshore teams to outcome-based solution delivery, consultancy and beyond.

rinf.tech has been a driver of innovation for 7 out of the 50 most technology-driven companies in the world, according to the Boston Consulting Group list.


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