The Top 5 Robots You Might Not Have Heard of

It seems like only a few years ago the figure of speech “when cars fly” was used to describe an impossibility.

People would chuckle as if it wasn’t possible in their lifetime. Well, now the joke is on us because some would say we’re already far past that advancement in some ways.

Technology never ceases to amaze us at, it’s in our DNA as RINFers. With the rate at which robotics is progressing around the world, we’re excited to think about where we’ll be in the near future, and excited to be a part of it. The field of smart robots is one of the areas we believe we’re advancing far beyond what was thought possible just a few years ago. As proof, here are 5 smart robots that are already changing the game.

1. Romeo

A humanoid sized robot, Romeo is designed to assist the elderly and people who require an extra hand. Standing at 140 cm tall, Romeo is able to open doors, reach tabletops, and climb stairs. Who knows, with bots like this helping senior citizens maintain independence safely in their homes, senior care homes might soon be a thing of the past. A bittersweet thought? Perhaps.

2. Cafe X


There are few things worse than walking into your local coffee shop at 7AM, waiting in a mile-long line, and interacting with people before your first cup of joe. A robot powered coffee bar, Cafe X makes it easy for you to get the best quality local roast without needing to talk to a real person. Plus, you can also save more time in the morning by ditching the lines and ordering through the app for easy pick up. What a time to be alive.

3. Aelous

A household robot, Aeolus is designed to help consumers with their daily chores. It can deliver food, declutter spaces, and help you find your misplaced keys. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Aeolus learns from you and about your life in order to improve its ability to assist. Coming home after a long day at work, I think a lot of us would appreciate a clean house from Aeolus!

4. Pepper

From the same makers of Romeo, Pepper is a human-like robot designed to perceive emotions. Not only can this humanoid robot become your companion through its desire to learn more about you and your habits, but it can also interact and communicate with you according to that information. First we were introduced to robots that could find your lost items, and now there are ones that can tell if you’re sad and react affectionately? Technology never ceases to amaze us, and now it even knows when we’re amazed!


IQ MATT may look like a robot, but it acts like a human when interacting with touchscreen devices. Created in’s own Innovation Laboratory, we’re quite proud of how the youngest member of our team is learning to interact with the world. IQ MATT is an automated touchscreen testing device that performs all the necessary human movements to operate touchscreen devices (tap, twist, swipe and pinch). The robot accomplishes this independently through its 3-point touch technology combined with our own image recognition technology.

IQ MATT’s future involves many more robots to accompany him in testing devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re interested in learning more, find out more about IQ MATT at

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