rinf.tech obtains Innovation Tax Credit (d’impot innovation CII) for French companies

CII Agreement allows French SMBs to get a 20% reimbursement on custom software and robotic solutions development.

French Ministry of Economy and Finance recognizes rinf.tech as a top innovation partner for companies in France.

By obtaining CII Agreement, we've proven to possess technical and human capabilities required to develop innovative solutions and help French companies adopt new disruptive technologies for their own and end-user needs.

For more than 10 years we at rinf.tech have been working alongside French organizations across different industries and domains helping them gain a competitive advantage on the market, automate and optimize their processes, improve customer services, and better reach their business goals through innovation. 

The fact we’ve been granted the Innovation Tax Credit means more convenience, better cost optimization, and fewer risks for our current and future French customers.

All of our partners in France who choose to collaborate with us for designing and building custom software prototypes, and new tech products and services are eligible for a 20% reimbursement from the French government.

The Innovation Tax Credit (d’impot innovation CII) is a tax measure reserved for SMEs. The latter can benefit from a tax credit of 20% of the expenses necessary for the design and development of prototypes or pilot installations of a new software product. The base is capped at €400,000 per year and per company. The declaration is made using the same Cerfa N ° 2069-A-SD form and under the same conditions as the Research Tax Credit (CIR). Under certain conditions, SMEs can benefit from the early repayment of their ITC.

"This agreement is the result of many years of work and commitment to being on top of the IT industry. The financial structure of this deal creates the foundation for a win-win collaboration, giving our partners the opportunity to grow and innovate quickly in a fast-paced market, reducing the cost of technology development. For us, this is a chance to showcase our full potential and grow our knowledge and our presence on the French market."

Victor Dornescu, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, rinf.tech

The CII agreement will be in place for the next 4 years.

To learn more about CII Agreement and check whether your solution is eligible, please go to the website of the French Ministry of Economy & Finance.

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