Vertical Lift Module

Integrations & Automation


A leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems.



  •  WAMP for UI to/from backend communication​
  •  OPC/UA for backend and PLC communication​
  •  CANOpen for PLC with machine communication​
  •  MQTT for PLC with machine communication



  • C#, .Net core, Angular, Typescript, Docker (for application deployment)​
  • B&R PLC​
  • CQRS and DDD development​
  • Jest, Bamboo for UT and CI


As the client was looking to transition its suite of lift module products to next-generation software, they needed help from an external software vendor to develop the Vertical Lift Module (VLM) product which is part of intralogistics family products. Their main challenge was to meet the time to market constrains and to develop the solution in short time and with the highest quality.


We helped the Client to upgrade their existing suite to the next-gen VLM software.

In particular, our project scope included:

  • UI for VLM based on Typescript, Angular and Akka​
  • Backend development based on .NET​
  • PLC development​
  • Software and hardware integration​
  • QA using tools for UT, Integration testing and CI

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