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A few reasons why recruiters' feedback is so important

It’s time for companies to move their candidate experience to the next level

Most of us have been or currently are job seekers, and some of us will be job seekers in the future.

Those who have been rejected after an interview may have received a message that looks like “thank you for your interest in x position at x company. Unfortunately, we will not move your application forward”.

Another scenario: you have received some great news, as the job is yours! You sign the contract, and never hear from the Talent Acquisition department again.

In both cases, the opportunity to analyze your interview, to understand whether you managed to communicate effectively your motivations, or how you can improve your cv to grow your value on the market, is denied.

According to a poll published in 2019 CandE Benchmark Research by TalentBoard

  • 57% of job candidates receive no feedback after the screening and interviewing stage.
  • 69.7% of candidates receive no feedback after being rejected during the screening and interviewing stages of their candidacy.


Being rejected for a job you applied for is not nice, but you can still make the best out of it, if you are enabled to acquire insightful information about what works great and what you can add to your professional skillset, and how you can sell your experience and soft skills better during interviews. Recruiters can help candidates empower themselves through their feedback, if they can’t offer them a job position: doing so, a failure turns into the opportunity of nailing the next interview and get your dream job.

The companies

Feedback matters to companies as well. The success of many businesses depends on their ability to get people on board, to retain those people, and to find resources that fit into the company culture.

At, we know that a great candidate experience is, of course, the key to start a collaboration in the best way possible. What does it exactly mean?

  • Being able to communicate what the company is about. Starting a first work experience or move from one company to another is an important choice: if the candidate knows what he or she would encounter, he or she could take an informed decision. There’s no need to tell how a business can benefit from sharing the same vision and values with its employees. Giving an insightful and honest feedback to candidates will send the right message “you can trust us, because we have been transparent to you from day 0, the interviewing process”.
  • Receiving feedback from the candidate: are we doing it right? Unhappy candidates will express their disappointment publicly 95% of them, impacting in a negative way your brand’s reputation. There’s no best way to clarify what’s working and what can be improved of a recruitment process than asking to the direct counterpart and take actions that will lead the company to improve its communication and deliver the type of candidate experience that will bring the right people on board, and help the others find the right fit for them. is continuously updating and reshaping its approach to each touch-point with candidates based on the recruiters’, the applicants’  and the employees feedback.

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