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Smart Conference IoT control center: ready with one word, lower costs for your business

Innovation for your company’s spaces

Meeting rooms can be empty for many hours of the day, still they need to be ready, warm and illuminated when needed.

The Problem

Many companies all over the world are facing the challenge to optimize the management of their meeting rooms. The fact that they are intermittently busy, can result in unnecessary costs (heating and electricity).

We decided to develop an IoT tool capable of reducing the energy consumption and to automate room lighting before start of meetings based on scheduled calendar.

Our Solution

We designed our IoT device to control the room temperature and lighting when meetings are scheduled in that room. Outside the meeting hours and during the weekend, the light in the room should be turned off automatically and the temperature should be kept at a level that allows energy economy.

Smart Conference must be integrated with a company’s calendar (ex. Microsoft Outlook Calendar) to collect information about the upcoming meetings a like duration, desired ambient temperature and detect when room is empty and turn off the light and cooling/heating after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Furthermore, we implemented the voice control of the system and audio confirmations.


  • Microphone and speech recognition to turn off/on the light. The light can also be dimmed
  • Microphone and speech recognition to turn on/off heating/cooling unit. The temperature can be increased/decreased, too
  • Start ad-hoc meeting and book the room automatically
  • Voice
  • Confirmation the meeting ended
  • Control the parameters via LCD display

RINF TECH can provide software and hardware development for your Internet of Things system, from sensors to control interface.

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