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Short time to deliver your product? Testing robots can help

Great challenges, smart solutions to optimize the testing process.

A common issue that Software QA Engineers face, emerges in the phase that precedes the software release.

The due date is close, the code still has multiple bugs and the stakeholders are putting pressure, right in the most delicate moment in terms of quality assurance. That’s when the real stress is weighting on the testing team’s shoulders.​

The testing phase delay could depend on multiple factors: maybe the rest of the project was delayed, or the code was poorly implemented, as a result, eight hours per day of testers’ work will not be enough to deliver on time.

Touch-screen devices, as smartphones, tablets, household appliances display and infotainment systems for cars, come with the additional challenge of providing a comfortable user experience.

Therefore, QA engineers must interact with the screens, repeating the same operations over and over. This results in relevant costs for companies, and an unpleasant way to spend their time at work for engineers.

How amazing would it be, if the they could, instead, save the hours they use testing the same feature over and over, and focus on more important activities? It would allow the team to confidently make its way towards the delivery deadline.

The best solution on the market to automate testing activities is MATT.

MATT is an innovative robotic tool entirely designed by RINF TECH, with the purpose of leaving the boring work to the robot, and the engineering work to engineers.

The robot is equipped with an end-effector capable of emulating any multi-touch gesture, as tapping, zooming, swiping, and pinching: MATT interacts with the device you are testing like a human would. MATT can operate on touchscreen displays and interact with physical buttons as well, guaranteeing a testing solution for mobile applications, electronic and mechanical dashboards, and more.

A flavor of MATT's capabilities

As a system integration tool, MATT can test multiple devices at the same time.

MATT is OS agnostic, it can work on any platform, thanks to its two high resolution cameras with computer vision API, which allow the robot to automatically recognize features and perform fast and accurate testing on both hardware and software.

Once you prepare a test for MATT, you can replicate it, allowing scalability and reusability.

Just set up the test and let the robot work 24/7. You will be able to test on multiple devices; the delivery date monster will be a smaller problem for your team.

Meet MATT, and find out how you can integrate the robot in your pipeline

Let’s start with a demo test: we want to show you what value the robot will bring in your business. All you have to do is fill the form on the website, we will contact you and invite you to see MATT at work with your own eyes. Take a look on MATT’s website to learn more and get in touch with us!

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