rinf.tech Joins Transilvania IT Cluster

We're excited to announce that rinf.tech becomes a member of Transilvania IT Cluster.

Transilvania IT Cluster works at the intersection of entrepreneurship, research, innovation, and public administration, pushing forward discussion and action around digital transformation and thus enhancing community development through digitization.

Based out of Cluj-Napoca, the Cluster currently includes more than 115 members. Its mission is to represent the interests of member companies and generate added value for them through engagement while also contributing to the development of Romania’s North-Western regional ecosystem.

Since rinf.tech is opening a new office in Cluj, we believe it’s of utmost importance for us to integrate and become a valuable part of the local technology community. We aim to contribute our expertise, knowledge, and lessons learned from hundreds of successfully delivered projects to the growth and evolution of a local software engineering community.

You can see our listing among large companies here.

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