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On developers' happiness (and professional success). How to pick the right project for you

What aspects should you consider while choosing your new IT job?

The Software Development industry, with its complexity, variety, and ramifications, has its challenges as far as regards the management of the human resources.

The technologies employed evolve quickly and require a constant reorganization of people and procedures.

The expertise must be kept fresh and up to date, as the tools to get the job done (primarily programming languages) change at a very fast pace, some tools fall into disuse, other ones replace them.

For a Technology company, it is necessary to change fast as well, and get accustomed to new ways of working. Thriving rhymes with flexibility and agility.

The right people in the right place

First, it is very important to develop an in-depth understanding of the terrain: what is the project about? What is our partner about?

Let me point out a banality, the success of a project does not only depend on filling the requested technologies with qualified resources – “end of the story”.

That is, for sure, a very good starting point, but excellent work is more like a football match, and a lot of us have seen teams with very skilled players performing badly during the game due to a lack of mentality, of synergy within the team.

The same way, the work of building a great tech product will come much easier if some efforts are put in finding good cultural matches between the team and the candidate.

Do you prefer a fixed working schedule, or you like to keep it more flexible?

Are you comfortable with working remote, and work with people who work remote on regular bases?

Which part of your career path are you walking today? Maybe you want to strengthen your knowledge on some common technologies and procedures, maybe it is time for you to explore with highly pioneering\experimental projects.

How do you get ready for a new project?

Technical skills match – Work with the tools you love to use and the ones you want to master, to value your knowledge today, and plant a seed to keep you growing as a professional.

Cultural match – How does your ideal working environment look like? We are building solutions for multiple partners. Shared values and culture make great collaborations!

Your professional journey – Your career path should follow the flow of your constantly renewing interests. Internal mobility programs to meet your curiosity and professional and personal goals. Pick the project that suits you!

Support at every step The company’s transparency and proactive participation build trust, confidence, and sustain long-term success.

Communicate and prepare – how do we handle the recruitment process, step by step?

  1. Discovery meeting – is a 30 to 60 minutes long call with one of our Talent Acquisition team members, to assess the candidate’s motivations and preferences in relation to their career journey.
  2. Tech review meeting – with a technical manager, the candidate will discuss about how his or her technical skills can be applied to the specific project.
  3. Offering meeting – a really important discussion. We have found a synergy in terms of professional and cultural sides, it’s time to address the commercial/legal details and kick off our collaboration!
  4. Feedback – We take care of sharing with the candidates our considerations on the work we have done together. We consider this to be a crucial part of the journey, a big source of value through which we and the people who get in touch with us can grow, whatever the outcome of the interviewing process is. You can read more about RINF TECH’s feedback culture here.


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