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The Challenges and Chances of NB-IoT Adoption

The Challenges and Chances of NB-IoT Adoption NB-IoT deployment across continents NB-IoT was first deployed in European and Asian countries, and China is considered the


What is NB-IoT?

What is NB-IoT? NB-IoT is an attractive choice of an LPWAN for companies that are considering deploying energy-efficient, stationary IoT devices in remote, hard-to-reach locations


A #PeopleOfManyTalents Story

A #PeopleOfManyTalents Story is an independent technology company, ready to be the reliable partner for businesses and organizations aiming to architect the future within their industry and outside of it. A

Work from home

Work From Home Update

Work from home update RINF TECH Employees will continue to work from home until the end of 2020. During the last months, the majority of