CES 2023: 8 Though-Provoking Tech Highlights

brought from Las Vegas by the rinf.tech Team

After two years of the pandemic, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is back in full swing. The world's biggest tech companies gathered together in Las Vegas on January 5th-8th, 2023, showing off their most captivating tech innovations of the past year.

rinf.tech is excited to have participated in the event as an exhibitor and had an opportunity to present our custom software engineering and R&D expertise and project cases to a huge audience of technology businesses and technophiles.

Our team consisting of Bianca Barbu, Technical Director – Business Applications,  Andrei Filimon, Technical Director – Automotive, Brice Harris – Regional Director US – Strategy & Business Development, Ecaterina Vacarov – Regional Director US – Delivery & Operations, and Johannes Mueller, Strategic Partnership Manager, participated as part of the Romanian delegation.

They came back with fresh ideas, inspiring trends, and hot trends that will shape the future of technology in the following years.

This article shares 8 inspiring highlights from CES 2023 and the ones that impressed our colleagues the most. Let’s check them out!

rinf.tech team at CES 2023
rinf.tech Team at CES 2023

8 Tech Highlights from CES 2023

Flying cars are here

This was one of the most impressive showcases we saw at CES this year. We’ve been talking about flying cars since we were kids and watched futuristic cartoons like The Jetsons. Now, the flying car concept is a reality. Aska revealed its A5 flying car concept and opened preorders for the $789,000 worth vehicle. Aska’s co-founder, Guy Kaplinsky, said that the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Administration) approval for the A5 flying vehicle could happen within a month. They’re hoping to use it by 2026 to start a ride-sharing service.

The company claims the A5, which is a SUV-size four-seater, will travel by road as well as be able to fly on air.

This is a much-expected and innovative trend worth keeping an eye on.

ASKA the flying car at CES 2023
Aska A5 drive and fly electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle

NXP OrangeBox: the future of automotive design

NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced OrangeBox, a development platform that will help automotive developers leverage wired and wireless inputs and protect against security vulnerabilities in the growing evolution of automated vehicles.

OrangeBox was introduced as both a development platform and a modular in-vehicle controller that provides a unified interface between the in-vehicle gateway and its wired and wireless technologies. This approach is designed to offer a central location for security, now dispersed across many network paths in the vehicle, expanding the cyberattack surface.

OrangeBox combines current and new external wireless interfaces into a single connection domain controller, which in turn connects to a secure vehicle gateway via NXP high-speed Ethernet. This provides consistent updated security protection that could ultimately help V2X and cloud applications provide over-the-air updates for future software-defined vehicles.

Future of screens: Samsung’s rollable and foldable display

It’s no secret that Samsung has taken the market with foldable screen phones in the last few years. However, last week, at CES, they presented a screen device, the Flex Hybrid, that can fold and stretch. It is yet very hard to describe this concept, categorized as a “you’ve got to see it to understand it” type of device. They presented a demo device with a foldable screen on one side and an expandable one on the other. We, too, are curious about where this concept will lead next and how it will impact the future of displays.

Sony releases its first EV car prototype

Sony, the electronic giant, joined forces with Honda, the car manufacturer, to build a brand-new electric vehicle called Afeela. With the EV market constantly growing, Sony is set to launch the car in 2026 in North America, with Europe and Japan next on the list.

The car has innovative features, such as interacting with people outside the vehicle and sharing information on the weather and state of charge. There’s no word on the pricing of this car yet.

Afeela represents our concept of an interactive relationship where people feel the sensation of interactive mobility and where mobility can detect and understand people and society by utilizing sensing and AI technologies,” said Yasuhide Mizuno, CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, during his keynote address at CES.

Meet MATT – the ultimate device testing solution by Adapta Robotics

Our robotics partner Adapta Robotics attracted a lot of attention for their MATT – the ultimate device testing robot.

Represented by its founders Mihai Craciunescu, Diana Baicu and Cristian Dobre, Adapta demoed MATT in action and gained the attention of professionals from multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, device manufacturing, smart home appliances, and so on.

With a custom end effector that emulates any multi-touch gesture, like tapping, pinching, swiping and rotating, two high resolution cameras and an included computer vision API, alongside powerful electronics and robust structure, MATT can perform full automated test cycles for both hardware and software, as a result relieving manual testers of repetitive tasks, providing consistent results and increasing productivity.

Although it wasn’t exhibited at CES 2023, Adapta’s retail robot ERIS occasionally took the spotlight.

robot MATT at CES 2023
Adapta Robotics at CES 2023

Citizen smartwatch wants to know if you’re ok

The world of IoT is making advancements year after year with bigger and bolder innovations and devices.

Citizen has released a smartwatch equipped with new features besides the heart rate, temperature, and SPo2 trackers that we’re already used to. These new features harnesses AI and NASA research to measure your fatigue and alertness. 

The smartwatch can assess fatigue and alertness levels and are looking to explore the ways factors like sleep and stress impact our physical well-being.

The smartwatch is powered by an application called CZ Smart YouQ, which allows people to understand and predict fatigue patterns and get tips on how to improve those patterns for a healthier and more alert lifestyle.

Users can take a daily personalized Alert Monitor test in the CZ Smart YouQ app to determine their awareness. The test itself is a consumer version of NASA’s Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT+), which assesses astronauts’ mental acuity.

Then, using AI built with the IBM Watson Studio workspace, CZ Smart YouQ software processes sleep data and alert scores to accurately know the user’s chronotype (the person’s preferred sleep and wake times) over the seven to ten days of watch use. 

3D laptop by ASUS

At CES 2023, Asus announced ProArt StudioBook laptop – its 3D panel for a few creator-focused laptops to be released this year. It isn’t the first 3D laptop concept, but Asus has brought OLED technology as a differentiator. OLED’s high contrast and fast pixel response time promise visibly crisper 3D rendering.

It is designed to work will all standard 3D formats. The panel is the 3.2K 120Hz model they’ve used in some current models, but the 3D effect is generated via a layer of lenticular lenses bonded to it. It will be interesting to follow this 3D-with-no-glasses trend and where it will lead.

AMD’s Instinct MI300 chip

The Instinct MI300 is a hefty chip designed specifically for AI tasks. It combines multiple CPU and GPU chiplets with 3D stacking, an advanced packaging technology becoming increasingly important.

It has more than 146 billion transistors and 126 GB of HBM3 high-bandwidth memory. It is expected to go on sale for AI and high-performance computing (HPC) in the second half of 2023.

This will likely come after NVIDIA Grace, NVIDIA Arm processor cores, and Hopper GPU IP, but before Intel’s unified Falcon Shores product.

This new generation should deliver robust step-by-step performance by eliminating costly data movement across systems by packaging CPU, GPU, and memory together.

CES 2023 was intense and jam-packed with promising new tech that has the potential to become a reality in the next few years. Our colleagues came back energized, full of insights, and ready to future-proof our business and align it with modern tech trends.

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