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2020 – how is the retail industry changing

While millennials have already challenged the prominence of physical stores, shifting to online shopping, Gen Xers prefer social media for their purchasing needs.​

MATT arm

Short time to deliver your product? Testing robots can help​

How amazing would it be, if the they could, instead, save the hours they use testing the same feature over and over, and focus on more important activities? It would allow the team to confidently make its way towards the delivery deadline.


Computer to Human: Understanding and Responding

Computer to Human: Understanding and Responding​ An overview of Natural Language Processing By Natural Language Processing, or NLP, we mean the field of Computer Science


IoT is Still Waiting for the Big Leap

IoT is Still Waiting for the Big Leap The automation of everything from cars to combine harvesters or factories is just a fact of life


Are robots taking over the wheel?

Are robots taking over the wheel Autonomous cars, evolution and challenges Start-up CEOs rising overnight as superstars of the Auto industry, AI becoming the base