Work from home update

RINF TECH Employees will continue to work from home until the end of 2020.

During the last months, the majority of RINFers have been conducting their work from their homes.

We went through this challenge together, equipped with the knowledge and tools we developed during many years of remote working management, and finding new ways to scale-up our processes and initiatives to fit the new scenario of extended smart working.

“Our main focus is keeping both our employees and our partners in business safe, while maintaining the highest delivery standards. Our colleagues have proven an exceptional spirit of adaptation and professionalism, with their positive reaction, performance and productivity” stated Constantin Iftime, RINF TECH’s CEO.

To help everyone stay safe, we have extended the smart-working period until the end of the year, and we invite RINFers to keep doing their magic from remote locations.

The office is however open, and everyone will be able to work from RINF TECH’s locations on voluntary bases. Also, we know that for some projects a physical presence at our offices, or at our partners’ premises might be required, as long as all the safety measures are kept.

We have adapted quickly to the new market situation, and it was a fairly streamlined process. The fact that we had implemented in the past a Work From Home policy has proved to be an excellent foundation for expanding remote work on a more permanent basis. Cloud solutions, in-house developed systems and the open communication channels provide the infrastructure for a great virtual collaboration.

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