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Techreviewer features among Top Software Development Companies 2022

A team of analysts at ranks companies based on the publicly available information and industry surveys.

In particular, software houses, consultancies, and dev shops are evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Client references and reviews
  • Work experience
  • Organic search presence
  • Website speed and the level of user experience
  • Domain authority
  • Market presence 
  • Employees reviews 


To evaluate a company’s work experience, the Techreviewer team looks at:

  • Clients the company works with: size, type, global footprint. 
  • Case studies: types of solutions, technologies, domains, industries.
  • Years on the market.


To evaluate the market presence, the research team at Techreviewer looks at the following criteria:

  • Online presence
  • Physical presence in different countries/regions
  • Industry recognition and awards
  • Social media presence, etc.


The fact we’ve been featured in the Lists of Top Software Dev and IoT Dev Companies means has successfully passed the Techreviewer evaluation process, matched most of the criteria, and proven to be a mature company with high customer and employee satisfaction rates, a strong portfolio of custom, client-tailored projects, and a well-established market presence.

We’re looking forward to improving our industry recognition during 2022 and beyond through continuous commitment to quality, dedication to customer and employee success, experimentation with emerging tech, and innovative initiatives such as Quantum Computing training, Academy and more.

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