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We’re excited to announce that became a member of AHK Romania – the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Since its inception, has been dedicated to fostering international collaborations, integrating the best industry practices and sharing knowledge with diverse business and technology communities worldwide. Joining AHK Romania reinforces our commitment to strengthen our relationships with the German business community and elevate our German Branch through enhancing tech partnerships with German SMBs and enterprises. 

AHK Romania plays a pivotal role in promoting commercial ties and presenting a robust platform for members to interact, innovate, and influence. As a member, is poised to leverage these benefits and further its mission to become a trusted digital transformation and technology acceleration partner to other businesses across multiple industries.  

We anticipate this partnership to usher in an era of’s enhanced cooperation with the German business sectors. 

About is a technology company that draws on the Engineering Excellence principle, knowledge-based capabilities, and robust R&D to future-proof emerging tech. Founded in 2006, we’re a 600+ employee organization with HQ in Bucharest (Romania) and offices and Delivery Centers spread across two continents – Europe and North America.

At, we provide technology consulting services and custom engineering solutions for Automotive Software, Business Applications and Products, and R&D Embedded.

From Idea to R&D to MVPs to mature Production systems – we use our Engineering DNA to find the optimal trade-off between budget-timeline-technology-methodology to deliver highly scalable Enterprise Products and Custom Software.

About AHK Romania: 

With its over 580 members it is the largest bilateral economic association in Romania, AHK Romania is the official representative of the German economy in Romania and plays a key role in fostering the German-Romanian economic relations. As a professional service provider, the AHK Romania offers a wide spectrum of services in supporting German companies to enter the Romanian market and to establish new branches in Romania. The AHK Romania sees itself also as a partner for Romanian companies interested in the German market. 

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