Solution Delivery

Artefacts & Components for a Complete Solution that Evolves in the Same Rhythm as the Technology

Customer’s Responsibility’s Responsibility will consult on this

As per agreement

Project Setup & Resources



Delivery Structure


Hardware Tools

Scope of Work

Software Tool Stack


Project Architecture

Software Licenses

Access to Project Wiki

SDLC Tool Accounts

Hardware Tools

Team Project Plan

Team Setup & Ramp-up

Team Structure

Tools Deployment

Recruitment Process

Technical Validation

Team Setup

Knowledge Transfer


Ramp-up Plan

Hardware Bring-up

HR Interviews

Team Onboarding

Project Initial Trainings

Team scale-up process

Technical Validation

Project Team Management

Team Organization

WIP Management

KPI Management

Continuous Improvement


Delivery Plan

KPI/SLA Report

Project Resource Planning

Project Delivery

Technical Coordination

Solution Architecture

Delivery Measurements

Knowledge Transfer During Project Delivery

Corrective Actions

Issue Management

Solution Delivery

Full Solution Validation


Project Delivery Report

Quality Report

Work-load Estimation

Improvement Proposals

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