Robot Productization

Automation Made Autonomus, Smart and Globaly Relevant

Customer’s Responsibility’s Responsibility will consult on this

As per agreement

Product Prioritization & Selection

Confirmed Market Need

Market Input Analysis

Product Concept & Business Case

Product & API Road Map

Stakeholders Interviews

Product Concept Design Feature List & Benefits


Product Requirements

Functional Release Cycles

R&D Lab Setup

Empowered Edge & Autonomy Capabilities Roadmap

Product Engineering Design

Prototype Implementation

Prototype Validation

Product Execution

Component Implementation

HW & SW Integration

Delivery Measurements

Solution Validation (QA)

Integration Methods

Quality Report (QA)

Warranty & Maintenance Guidelines

Issue Management

Corrective Actions

Manufacturing Optimization

Configurable Robotic Product

Product Documentation

End to End Validation

Product Lifecycle

Product Assembly

Service Supply Chain


Transparency, Traceability for Data & Processes

Service Continuity Planning

Service Upgrade Planning

Product Retirement & Replacement

Product Service Chain

Service Reporting Structure

Delivery Chain

Preventive Maintenance Planning

B2B Product Operations

Service Quality Planning

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