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Managed Team

The Right Team in the Right Hands

Are you looking to outsource your custom software dev project to a specialist provider and have them responsible for your technology solution's development, release, and scale-up?​

Technology adoption by enterprises and SMBs has become an increasingly important aspect of investment over the past five years, especially since the pandemic outbreak. It provides a competitive advantage by improving operational processes, offering new opportunities for generating business leads and value and reducing waste by streamlining and automating workflows. 

Yet, there’re factors holding back Industry 4.0 evolution and technology adoption among organizations across different domains and verticals. Among them are software engineering talent shortage, high cost of domestic resources, fierce competition for local talent, and lack of compelling business use cases leveraging the newest technologies.

We invite you to leverage our Managed Team service to address these and other custom software development challenges fast and cost-effectively. Managed Team framework

Customer’s Responsibility’s Responsibility will consult on this

Project Setup & Resources



Delivery Structure


Hardware Tools

Scope of Work

Software Tool Stack


Project Architecture

Software Licenses

Access to Project Wiki

SDLC Tool Accounts

Hardware Tools

Team Deployment Plan

Team Setup & Ramp-up

Team Structure

Tools Deployment

Recruitment Process

Technical Validation

Team Setup

Knowledge Transfer


Initial Ramp-up Plan

Hardware Bring-up

HR Interviews

Team Onboarding


Team scale-up process

Technical Validation

Project Team Management

Team Organization

WIP Management

KPI Management

Continuous Improvement


KPI/SLA Report

Project Resource Planning

Project Delivery

Technical Coordination

Issue Management

Knowledge Transfer During Project Delivery

Corrective Actions

Delivery Measurements

Deliverables Validation


Project Delivery Report


Improvement Proposals

Work-load Estimation

Quality Report

How Managed Team model works

As a custom software development buyer, you’re responsible for:

  • Technical requirements specification and project roadmap development.
  • Definition of scope of work,  tech stack, and software architecture.
  • Purchasing the required software and hardware licences.
  • Knowledge transfer from your outsourced Managed Team to your in-house team (if needed).

As your Managed Team provider, we at are responsible for:

  • Your team staffing (pre-screening, technical interviews, validation) and onboarding.
  • Team setup and scale-up.
  • Tools deployment.
  • Full team management, milestones delivery, and final release of your custom solution.

What's in it for you?

  • Access both traditional and emerging technologies faster than your competitors. 
  • Bridge a tech gap/access expertise you’re lacking within your in-house software development team.
  • Leverage’s pool of seasoned software engineering talent (mostly senior and mid-level) ready to start working on your managed project rigth away.
  • Access new talent pools in Eastern Europe untapped by your local recruiters.

Are you looking to build a proof-of-concept project to validate your business idea’s feasibility, raise funds or evaluate before outsouring a full-fledged managed project? We invite you to leverage our Managed R&D Teams and have your PoC delivered within just a week.

Scale your Managed Team up or down fast depending on your current project needs and financial situation.

Cost saving is the fastest-growing initiative related to technology adoption.

One of the greatest advantages of working with a Managed Team is to help your business maximize its revenue stream at all levels. When you ask a Managed Team to tackle your custom dev project, they will scrutinize your project requirements and provide an estimate. As such, this will be a customized model aligned with your project budget. Your Managed Team will ensure that our services accelerate your business process so that you can invest your resources in other strategic parts of the business.

Building a team in a talent-rich yet lower-cost country like Ukraine or Bulgaria will help drive down your expenses or do more for less.

With a Managed Team, your project will undergo continuous integration (CI), which is critical for your software development project success.

New features will be added to the project on a regular basis, which will allow you to keep pace with the changes.

The managed team model is extremely useful for projects that need to evolve and grow over time. 

Read more about how the Managed Team model works in this blog post:

Software Development Services – the Most Used Collaboration Models

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