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Custom Robotic System

Autonomous Age Ready Ecosystem

Customer’s Responsibility’s Responsibility will consult on this

As per agreement

System Inception

Hardware Specs

System Design Engineering

Delivery Structure

IP Assignments & Licensing

Tools & Methodologies

Scope Of Work

Supplies & Parts Replaceable

System Specs HW, SW, Process, Infrastructure, Integration, QA


System Architecture

3rd Party Licenses

Initial System Road-mapping

System Project Plan

Hardware Tools

Hardware Engineering Design

System Project R&D & Prototyping

Team Structure

Tools Deployment

Prototype Lab Setup

Technician Team Setup

Components Research Peaks

Robot Prototyping


Integrations Plan for mX –multi-Xperience

Hardware PoC

System (Integration) Prototype

Hardware Detailed Design

Measurements & Confirmations

Prototype Validations (QA)

Delivery Management

Delivery Organization

Backlog (WIP) Management

KPI Management

Continuous Road-mapping Review


Delivery Plan With mX Objectives

KPI/SLA Report

Risk & Continuity Management

System Implementation

Technical Coordination

Component Architecture

Delivery Measurements

Solution Validation (QA)

Corrective Actions for mX

Issue Management

HW & SW Integration

Review Board Safety, mX & Extensibility


Custom & Configurable Robot

Integrated Systems

End to End Validation

System Manuals, Docs & Trainings

Quality Report (QA)

Improvement Proposals

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