Critical Path 24/7 Squad

Continuous Validation & Benchmarking

Customer’s Responsibility’s Responsibility will consult on this

Project Setup & Resources



Delivery Structure


MATT Robot QA Scope

Scope of Work

Software Tool Stack

UX Insights Scope


Project Architecture

Software Licenses

Access to Project Wiki

Autonomy & Maturity Levels (Certified)

SDLC Tool Accounts

MATT Robot QA Scope

Team Deployment Plan

Prototype Validations (QA)

Team Setup & Ramp-up

Team Structure

Tools Deployment

Recruitment Process

Data Strategy Options

Technical Validation

Team Setup

Knowledge Transfer

Guilds / Tribes & Clans Allocations


Initial Ramp-up Plan

Robotics & Hardware Bring-up

HR Interviews

Team Onboarding


Team scale-up process

Technical Validation

Growth Aspirations (Map)

Project Team Management

Team Organization

WIP Management

KPI Management

Continuous Improvement


KPI/SLA Report

Project Resource Planning

QA Test Logs from Robotics

Ergonomics Insights with Robotics (UX)

Project Delivery

Technical Coordination

Issue Management

User Flow

Lean - Pivots & Rapids

Corrective Actions

Delivery Measurements

Customer Engagement Profile

Growth Benchmarks (Map)


Project Delivery Report


Improvement Proposals

Autonomy & Maturity Levels (Certified)

Work-load Estimation

Quality Report

End to End Validation

Next Product Lifecycle Seedlings (Product)

Critical Functionality Testing

  • Permanent Validation inline with projects requirements
  • Testing 24/7 with Robots in order to increase autonomy for Dev Squads / Self Driven Teams / Tribes & Clans


From ATM to PoS and Handhelds of all sorts up to slick wearables – the high autonomy Robots enable the next generation user insights

Robot Based Automated Testing Procedure Dedicated to Mobile Devices

Automated testing procedures are very useful since they can save a lot of time and human effort. However, most of them are very rigid and focused on performing very particular tasks.

The overall achieved performance is better than other competitors’, being obtained at much lower costs. Also, the functionality, ergonomics and robustness of the robot make it a serious competitor on the market

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